A “Life Expert”

So, I have been spending some quiet time thinking about people who are “experts.” What is an “expert” really? It seems that the word “expert” is supported by a combination of education and experience. However, I do believe “experience” trumps formal education, sometimes even existing merely by default. The “education” part almost doesn’t have to exist at all because through experience you gain knowledge.

I am working on fine tuning my already written book, editing and giving it a literary haircut. Through this process I am also filling in some missing pieces and one of my missing pieces was the preface which had already been written. I kept reading it feeling it had the tone of a “used car salesman” and like I was trying to sell myself to the reader before delving into Chapter 1. “Screw this” came to mind and I decided what I needed to say was this….

I am not a “life expert,” but what I do have is experience. Some are quite unique. My life experiences are different then yours and the knowledge I have gained will be also be different. At that point I am left with my unique perspective and voice. I have the choice to do what I want with sum of all of those moving parts – and they are constantly moving. I chose to write a book I thought could assist others helping to fill their lives with more time, joy and peace.

A “life expert” is a person who is able to navigate through experience, knowledge and  application with FINESSE……path sunset


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