The Soulmate Curveball…

Wow! Does time fly….Holy Moly it has been a while.

So I have been busy getting my jewelry business off the ground, Zen Jeweled. It has been a tremendous undertaking balancing a job, family, kids, adoptee search efforts (Adoptee Search Friends, LLC), writing, etc…

Most of the time life is just like Groundhogs Day….get up, “time to make the donuts”…move forward and forge ahead. Other times, not so much with the universe acting like a giant prankster throwing curve-balls in out path to throw us “off course.” Ahhh, this is life. Not much we can do about it. And then there is pesky SOULMATES.

Soulmates are most definitely a kick in the ass when it comes to time and life. These are the people we either can’t wait to get away from and can’t (literally, stuck) or can’t get enough of and we never know why, but we don’t care because it/they feel marvelous. Soulmates come in all shapes and sizes and if you want to know who they are, you just look at your circle of the “closest” people in your life and they are right there, like “right there” in front of your nose. They may be old or new, but they are just a slap away at any given moment. Sometimes, literally “a thought away” and the phone rings, or your text alert goes off.

The craziest thing about soulmates is most often the illogical “draw” – the invisible connection between two people which pays no mind to time nor space or pretty much anything for that matter. When you find yourself in this position with another person it is much more sensible to not ask questions like, “I wonder why we finish eachothers’ sentences?” The reason this happens is because you have known eachother in another time in another space. Your “draw” is nothing more then “memory.” The “memory” that your soul has of another person does recognize it in the present. I know it sounds crazy, however true it is. Throughout your lives you will meet many soul connections and they are all there to serve a different purpose; kindred spirits to travel through life with, romantic partners, pains in the ass to learn life lessons from. In either of the cases there is growth in all of those relationships. With that said sometimes we are put in situations where we have to sever the connection as sad as that may be for various reasons, most often our well-being and sanity is at stake. With that said I offer this one piece of advice……galaxyIt is always your job to find and take away the positive in those experiences.

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