One thousand years old…..

Have you ever woke up in the morning, stretched, creaked a little, maybe even groaned and thought to yourself, I feel AT LEAST one thousand years old?

Yep, this is my life as of lately. It happens. Shit happens. Life happens. Sometimes it throws us curve-balls and unimaginable speed bumps. Parental obligations, work responsibilities, relationship challenges, the relentless chasing of pipe dreams can lead to a dreadful situation like forgetting your beloved pound of coffee on your last grocery trip. (You may think this is not a big deal, however that depends on how much you love your coffee). EEEEK! How is one to deal? Good question. Now, you are left with feeling like a “forgetful thousand year old.”

Like all things in life, most things are not that complicated. It is always your attitude that drives your direction. The universe always wants you to move forward at all times…there is no backwards, there may be a sideways, but there is most definitely a “forward.” Sometimes you have dig deep down and muster up the energy to help move you in a forward direction. If your attitude is stopping you from being able to forge ahead then change it. Only you control it. Tears won’t change it, nor will a bottle of Pino Grigio and waiting for someone else to change their attitude won’t change yours.

Life is filled with the opportunity to find more “goodness.” When you feel a thousand years old you may have to change your attitude and direction, friends.



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