Very Exciting news!

I was on a journey for 5 years that in part has come to an end. I was searching for my biological family. If you want to know what that feels like I would say something like being in a desert searching for water. This was a very difficult task due to the fact that I had an original birth certificate with all FALSE information. Hence, it taking me 5 years. At points I never expected that I would ever get the answers I was looking for. Actually, many times in the search process. Sometimes it was hard to keep pushing forward when it appeared like there was no forward to move to. Sometimes I thought I was going forward only to go backwards…….unintentionally. I would say that more then anything this experience taught me determination and perseverance. I also gained useful tools to help others in need and I created a business to help people like myself and have had success. I am a firm believer of “living your truth.”

Truth can ┬ásometimes be good, bad or ugly, but when it’s yours it’s still beautiful. This is my brother Christopher, he is my full sibling along with 2 more. Amazing! Meeting him for the first time was beautiful…….Chris bro1