Almost a Writer’s Missed Calling

I (yes, I) missed my calling. I am a late bloomer or maybe a collector of information. Many moons ago I strayed off my path of turning words into thoughts and thoughts into change. I am not quite certain what happened, but  as many people know some paths can become difficult to follow when we are not sure where they may lead with nothing more than passion and curiosity to guide us. I got married, made babies and became a Brownie Troop leader while taking more college classes in creative writing and English.  I became most proficient in MLA and APA styles of writing. I dabbled in content writing and learned about SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords. Six years ago I even took the infamous Chicago Writer’s Loft Workshop with the exceptionally talented Jerry Cleaver. I wrote many things which were never shared but with a mere few people. Most writers are avid readers and I have always had many questions about life and living. The more I lived, the more I read, the more stones I turned over. I have turned over lifetimes of stones and wrote about it! At times I thought maybe I wrote for myself and that was the way I was supposed to do this. (This would be a crying shame if it were the case). Maybe I like the “sound” of my own voice? (No, I don’t think so). Maybe it was therapy of sorts? (While therapeutic, I am really more of a global thinker). A horrifying thought came to me thinking I was destined to be a “closet” writer! For shame!

This was getting quite silly and I was getting more antsy by the minute with nobody to listen, share or critique anything I was writing. So, I slapped myself sane due to the 20 years of turning over rocks and writing about it. I finally thought I must have created some useful and helpful information. It must be shared. I am not greedy! On March 23, 2015 I hopped a plane from Chicago to The Florida Keys to go to the ocean (void of distraction) determined to start “the book” I have been wanting to write for the last ten years. Guess what! I finished it! I wrote an entire book with all of the information I have collected being a good student of the universe. This blog will become a platform for sharing words and life in an attempt to achieve the unthinkable…….becoming eternally infinite navigating grace. This is the path of all “BEINGS.”  B- Becoming E- Eternally I- Infinite N- Navigating G- Grace and you are doing it right NOW! Navigating this life is immensely easier with a tool chest full of tools………