Truth – vs – Potential

Truth and potential is always a kick in the pants! No fair! I know, but our views of many things are driven by our feelings. Often, the way we feel about a being distorts our views of what we are truly looking at. It is a gift to know how to decipher the truth – vs – potential of any person. Why? Truth = the ring of truth and as we know it is the sound (ring) of our souls’ undeniable truth. Potential = the capacity and “hope” that whatever the truth is NOW will change in the future. Understand every being’s potential depends on only ONE thing, that they have a desire to change.

Seeing the truth – vs – potential  is a necessity when it comes to making the most of your time and life (the essence of Becoming Eternally Infinite Navigating Grace). Life is good, my friends!



Peace and how to get it?

Peace, ah this is a little tricky.  Peace is my Achilles heel! Simply stated, peace is our souls’ version of a litmus test to a life well lived. It is the vibrant melody of our soul when it sings from our core.  It is more of an equation and a harmonious union between heart, mind and soul. For example; respect + love + dignity + integrity + tolerance +honesty + gratitude + mindfulness + truth + happiness + balance, etc. = peace. It appears to be quite a complex recipe and it is! Should one or a few of those things fall by the wayside our equation will not be complete. When we are missing peace we are veraciously trying to find it, searching heaven and earth. Since I am an optimist let’s say it is not that complicated, but does require the proper tools.

Let us not forget peace looks different for every person. The thing that holds true is no matter “what” assists us in creating it, it all leads to the same place, the same “feeling.”  peace