What is your Authentic Self?

In these times where beings are ascending at very rapid rates, it would be quite common to find yourself striving/needing/wanting to live a life reflective being (no pun intended)  “true” to yourself. Hence, you may find yourself “dumping the garbage.” You may want to; make amends, change jobs, move out-of-town, chase your dreams, make a difference, etc. These are drastic times and we feel the imbalance of the universal forces that be. Time is the friend no one and we also feel this. What can I say? This is the “truth” of time.

Authentic merely means “true.” It differs from fact or fiction. The kind of “truth” I am talking about is your soul’s siren to YOUR undeniable truth. Inside of you (where your righteous voice lives) is a blueprint. It is your blueprint and much like a fingerprint or snowflake. Our truth and our righteous voice are a few of the things which guide our “mindful thoughts” and from that “healthy change” is born.

As you move toward the place of “who you truly are” embracing all of your gifts, know that becoming eternally infinite navigating grace requires “truth.” Listen to your soul and you will get where you need to go much faster. This is the truth of your authentic self…..with love.snowflake

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